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Argos Group does one thing: worker's compensation insurance. And because we understand that there’s more to cost than price, we focus on lowering the real cost of doing business. Giving you the path of least resistance; the shortest distance between prospects and profitability.

The Argos Companies are made up of three separate enitities.

Argos Group, Incorporated

Argos Group, Inc. is a general agency and underwriter with the ability to write business on Benchmark Insurance Company paper or Steadpoint Insurance Company paper. Our underwriting team’s breadth and depth of experience has made us the go-to partner for independent insurance agents in the market for small to medium sized worker's compensation accounts.

Argos Risk Management Services, LLC

A.R.M.S. is a full suite third party administrator with expertise in processing worker’s compensation claims quickly and effectively. A.R.M.S. also acts as a stand-alone solution for self-insured companies who wish to hold the risk themselves but need additional expertise in claims handling.

Steadpoint Insurance Company

Founded in October of 2004, SIC has written in excess of $53 million of worker’s compensation premium. Currently domiciled in Tennessee, Steadpoint has maintained an extremely favorable loss ratio compared to many of its competitors. Steadpoint’s strong balance sheet and large surplus are a product of our best in class claims handling and underwriting.

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